anyone have any thoughts on the beta c-mag?

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anyone have any thoughts on the beta c-mag?

Postby TACO » Sun Jan 22, 2006 11:04 am

now that they are legal and not $600+ if you could find them, thinking about picking up a black/clear back for my dust collector. Still haven't really looked into a place to shoot in Green Bay, new job, woman and house crap keep me way more busy then i would like!

Hope all is well for you guys, Chad aka Wabbit may be coming to Milwaukee at some point and we talked about maybe getting something put together in Madison or what not. I believe it will be in april or so but I'll post when I find out more. lots of changes in TACO's world but most for the good just too busy all the time!

anyway if someone has any good input, prices or has seen one of these puppies in action or in person at a gun show or what not let me know what you think

see you in the field...

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