First outing of the year

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First outing of the year

Postby Plague Lord » Mon Apr 30, 2007 7:49 am

Part of doing all that lumber jacking work has been clearing brush. I had cleared about a 40x30ft area that was once 100% trees.

So I had HUGE brush piles after clearing that area. Most of which was tinder box dry and then a good 2-3 inches of twigs and old leaf(mostly twigs) on the ground through out that entire area.

So we took the tops off a pair of 50 gallon drums to make burning barrels out of. We got the tops off and I said you know what these really need? Some ventilation holes!

So Sunday morning at 9am we broke the calm silence of rural Black Earth. I had brought out my 9mm and we had 3x .22 rifles. Marlin .22LR, Ruger 10/22, Henry lever action

Put about 75 rounds through the 9mm, then probably another 150 rounds of .22LR. 9mm was putting perfect rounds holes in both sides of the barrels, no deformation at all.

The .22CCI Stingers were going right through both sides of the barrels. Nice hot little round for normal .22LR firing rifles.

The .22LR were doing pretty decent most of them went through the barrel front and about 50% went out the back side.

The .22 Shorts. Wow all I can say is this is going to be the round I assassinate people with. They made so little noise, I think my pellet gun is louder. They were going through the front of the barrel maybe 1 out of 4 times. The rest were just impacting on the front of the steel barrel and putting a big fat ballpen style dent in it.

We then went on to drink a 12 pack and burn stuff all day. Weeeee.
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