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Postby Plague Lord » Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:07 pm

[quote="BitHead0023] My monk did get offended enough by it to try to sic the dragon on you... too bad I had just hammered him so it wasn't terribly effective. Hehe... "LOOK!!! He's stealing your TREASURE!!!" Classic :)[/quote]

Well I figured that was payback for my errant lethal fireballs I chucked your way when you were on the brink of death.. Course no one knows about that in game.

[edit] fixed spelling [/edit]
Smith and Wesson 3:57: "And lo, the LORD did calleth down upon the unrighteous the fire, the brimstone, and the 120-grain hollowpoints. And the unrighteous did suffer the Hydroshok ammo, and did perish. And the LORD did sayeth, 'Not so lucky, eh punk?'. Amen."
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Postby BitHead0023 » Fri Feb 21, 2003 2:28 pm

Nope... it was mainly because I was up there beating on the dragon in mid-air, and you were scurrying around grabbing loot. It kind of offended his monkish sensibilities. He's still plenty suspicious of you about the fireball incident, but with all the DM changes & all I had pretty much dropped my investigation of that.
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